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We don’t just believe in providing services. Our goal is to bring you into the world of podcasting, because that’s what will benefit your work and your life. We have a stepwise, supported approach. Read more about membership.
Pay for what you use
We don’t believe in squeezing you, upselling you, or tricking you. We have a transparent system that simply bills you monthly for the amount of editing-mastering-producing-publishing time that you actually need. Read more about editing packages.
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With 15 years of experience in corporate and personal branding, as well as writing and publishing, we know that podcasts can and will bring influence – quickly, and with minimal budget. Most importantly, your voice matters. Read more.


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Coaching, Accountability, and Support

Professional Services

Development, Editing, Co-hosting, Mastering, Marketing

Full Production

DFY development, production, design, packaging, and project management

Why Now?

The second wave of podcasting has arrived, and it is undersaturated with quality shows. We have created an awesome theme that will help designers, developers, and companies create websites for their startups quickly and easily. This is the time to start your podcast:

  • Recording has gotten simpler
  • There is a trend away from reading
  • Adoption of listening tech has grown
  • Production standards for the industry have eased
  • There is a trend away from short-form social media
  • People have focused time alone at the gym or on their commute

Why Should You Podcast?

You are unique and one of a kind, and your ideas matter. No one else sees the world the way you do. We can help you showcase your:

  • Distinct voice
  • Specific point of view and vantage point
  • Ability to explain and contextualize what is important to you
  • Understanding and experience of the world
  • Creative solutions for making a difference

Why Choose Innovation Driven Growth?

Just as we have taken the fear out of writing and publishing for 14 years, we are taking the fear out of recording, producing, and marketing podcasts that matter.

We take a stepwise approach to podcasts, honoring each client’s time and budget, whether they are investing countless hours and have no budget, or whether they are trading money for time and having us help shepherd them through the process with some coaching, or put on our white gloves and executive produce their show.

Innovation Driven Growth

Our vision, your future.

We believe in working with clients to uncover blocks and allow their core brand to emerge. This personal branding work has always been at the heart of our work in book development publishing, and is now at the heart of our work on podcasts that matter.

We are laser-focused on results, because we know how valuable our clients’ time and finances are. We hope for 10x outcomes, and we regularly see our clients achieve incredible outcomes. And we also prepare for modest scenarios, making sure that even “the worst case” is always of significant value.


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